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The Park can be divided into three main areas. The central region is a high plateau including Tullu Deemto, the highest peak in southern Ethiopia, while the southern area is monotone forest. To the north the reverie plains and woodlands are home to most of the game in the park, as well as to many species of birds.The park entrance, near the HQ at Dinsho, lies just north of the main road about 7km from the village.

Exploring the park requires a 4x4 vehicle, and walking or pony trekking is preferred. The Gaysay area, watered by the Gaysay River provides some of the best game viewing with considerable numbers of Mountain Nyala, Duiker, Warthog and Menelik's Bushbuck. Sometimes Leopard and Ethiopian Wolf can be spotted.

Bale National Park is also renowned for its distinctive flora and its superb fishing. The mountain streams teem with brown and rainbow trout for the fly fisherman, and Dinsho is the HQ of the Bale Trout Flshing Club. Amongst the spectacular flora found in the region are the giant St John's Wort, stately red-hot pokers and the Giant Lobelia.

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